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Corporate image is key to the success of any business, and BTI possesses a demonstrable history in elevating brand performance and team engagement through expertly designed uniforms. Apart from the primary functional benefits, uniforms serve to build a community in the workplace and humanise a brand in the eyes of its audience. We can produce clothing which is tailormade to suit your branding and to fit your requirements. Once we receive your request, we will take the time to understand what your brand encompasses and how this can be elevated through your garments. We can produce your specific items with your company specific colours so they can match with your company Logo.

On our website, one can find various e-Catalogues consisting of a database of various brands we supply including SIGGI, Roly, Korntex, Cerva, B&C, Greiff, Dennys and Exena. With a large and ever-expanding choice, the catalogue is catering for all your business needs and what you didn’t find we find it for you. Whether it be merchandise for an upcoming event, suiting for your next meeting or a new collection for your bar staff.

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